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Manakeep 728x90
Olm Phase: Head


Olms head glows during the last phase.

Olm will have three phases or more, depending
on the size of the party. (Starts at 3 phases until 8 people.
8 People is 4 phases and 8 more people for another
phase and so on.)

In order for olm to attack, he must be facing his target.
If his target is not in the direction he's facing, Olm will
move his head to where the target is
. Intermediate players
often 'run the head' and help prevent damage to themselves
and minimalize damage dealt to other players in the group.
Running the head can also often be harder in larger groups.


In the last phase of Olm, the left arm will heal
after the Teleports spell. Any attacks that deal 'damage',
will cause it to heal instead
. When Olm is healing, an
Infinity symbol will be shown above the hand(shown above).
Move off of melee hand during this time.


In the last phase, Olm will shoot out two blue pools that generate
a shield when they hit the ground. Serveral momenst later, Olm will give
moderate damage all players who were not on the pools in time. Olm will
heal himself 5x the total amount of damage
that was inflicted to the team.


In the last phase(and during the transition of phases), chunks
of crystals fall from the ceiling and cause players damage. The crystals
have a range of 3x3. Indirect damage will cause about half as much
damage than being directly hit and being directly hit can cause a
moderate amount of damage.
A shadow will indicate where
each crystal will land.


In order to finally kill Olm, the hands must die at the same time.
Only then may you finally damage and kill Olm's head with Ranged.
Killing the head before the last phase, will result it to heal with it's aura;
recovering any damage that it takes. If both hands do not die
at the same time, they will reset.

In the final attack, Olm will force crystals to fall
from the ceilings, use his pools to siphon hp
from the team and spheres will shoot out
occasionally. Finish him off with Ranged
and be ready to collect your reward once he dies!