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Manakeep 728x90
Olm Phase: Flame


"Burn with me!"
"I will burn with you."

Olm will shoot out a green fireball at a player that
will have them yell out, 'Burn with me!'. If this player spreads
the deep burn to others, they will be caused to say; 'I will burn with you'.
The targeted player(s) take 5 damage every few ticks, that
drops their stats by 2 each time this occurs; for five hits.

You cannot avoid this attack but, you can help prevent the
of this deep burn. In order to prevent the spread,
be sure you are always standing with 1 square open from
each player.
This is what we call "Gap", as shown in the imagine below.

If your team is fighting the melee hand on flame phase
with gap
and Olm burns one of your groups; simply STAY
on the tile until the burn is gone
. If you're still new to the
Olm fight
, you can also move to the back of the room
and stay away from the rest of your team.


During flame phase, Olm will shoot out two parrellel walls
of fire
at players to trap them in. If a player gets trapped
in, the will take heavy damage.

To be freed from the flame walls, it's recommended at least
1 person on your team has water spells(aka douses). We recommend
you bring the lowest water spell you can cast(Water strike),
should you be too far brewed down during olm and not be able to
cast high level spells. This player will click on the flame walls
near you to douse the flames
and you should run out as quick
as possible. This wall is not up for long. You can douse the
flame from insite or outside of it.